1-4-2012 Cannot post or share feeds

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1-4-2012 Cannot post or share feeds

Last Update: 1/04


Since 1/04, players are reporting that they cannot post or share their feeds

Status: The FarmVille studio is aware of these reports and is investigating the issue.

Possible Workaround: Trying scroll down. Feeds may appear below the game.

Link to bug report thread: Here

Help FarmVille resolve this issue. If you are experiencing this bug, please click on the link above the provide the following info:

  • Cleared Browser Cache (Yes or No):
  • State exactly what error message are you seeing:
  • What browser and version you are currently using when getting the error:
  • Are you playing FarmVille on FarmVille.com or Facebook when getting the error:
  • Does it happen all the time:
  • Is it quest related? If yes, which Quest Line?:
  • Please explain what actions you took prior to getting the error:

If you find your issue in this section, please refrain from creating additional threads unless otherwise specified in the description of the Bugs listed above.



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  1. It will not let me post anything that I need for my quest or anything that I have to share….I is really a problem, because I am unable to get help with my quest….I can’t even ask for lottery tickets…..I am about ready to just stop playing all together………so aggravating…………..

  2. This covers only one of the many problems you have. I’ve contacted you numerous times about not being able to receive items from the gift request list on my main page. Don’t think you guys care enough about this problem to do anything about it, obviously. I am relying on posts to my wall for the items I need to complete quests and finish various jobs i.e. pickaxes for the Ice Palace. If I could have received all the items sent to me, I would have finished this particular job several times over during the past few weeks. Get it together and fix your problems. Stop making dumb movies and adding constant quests. Fix what’s broken. Then come up with new things. Cannot get any real farming done anymore, since all our time is spent following one quest after another…sometimes two or three at a time.

  3. when I try to share it locks up the game and will not do anything,have to go back to facebook and download again just to harvest as can not share.

  4. Every day there is another issue with this game.Never a day when everything is workin right.Way to many quests at 1 time.When there are so many issuses in the game we can’t finish quests.When you want to post game freezes and you cant gift when you want.Tired of seein there was an error and FV needs to refresh.This game is no longer fun and not that you care…..what money I spend will be better off in my pocket.Get some real techs who can fix the problems.

  5. Can’t share feeds, can’t send gifts, didn’t receive my gifts from the holiday tree sent by zynga, what is going on! getting fed up by all this problems.

  6. I am Having problems finishing my quests. when it come time to ask friends for things the site kind of locks up and constantly having to refresh the page. I cant get the things i need to finish the job or the quest. This is a problem and makes me not play as much. I would spend hours on my farms getting things done in the past now I dont want to play because there is always a new quest that i know i will not be able to complete on time. Kind of discouraging.

  7. famville idont know where my farm cash went too . i didnt spend it the last 2 days

  8. I am right with ya Marilyn my son bought me some for Christmas & over half is gone. No clue 🙁

  9. My greenhouse is no longer opening(HOME FARM)please fix it..my toy factory disappeared for no reason(WINTERLAND) kindly add to the market so i can buy.The reward coins i am getting after I finish a certain quest is not adding to my money,also the coins after selling goods..how could that be? and i am spending most of my time crafting..



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