April Showers Day 12: Night Cereus Seed Packages & Bonus Prize!

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Request Sundials from your neighbors,
and redeem them for Night Cereus Seed Packages!

If you have collected all of your prizes each day of the April Showers,
the Yellow Rose Horse will appear in your Gift Box!




  1. Çà fonctionne très mal nous avons de la difficulté à recevoir un gift. c’est un jeu plein de bogs.

    Je suis déçu

  2. Je ne réussi pas à terminer ma mission lol

  3. how can we finish the april showers when we get so many then it said it has expired before we get them all i still need 7 on the 12th one an it tells my firends it has expered please help with this

  4. I did not get any seeds but I did get the horse??? Was I supposed to get seeds also?



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