Coming Soon: Dakota Quests: With links to request quest stuff

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Expected duration of the quests is from 29th December 2011 to 12th January 2012

Note: Quest is applicable to all farms and can be carried out on any of the farms you want… Also, any info about unreleased quests cant be guaranteed to be the final requirements when the quests go live, as Zynga can change them at any time later…
Note: Images will not appear until they get loaded in the game database…

Before we start with the actual quest details, here are links to request for the parts/items that you will be asked for during the quest as part of their requirements. Click on the images below to send request to friends for the same in case you find trouble with posting to feed or want to get a head start:



Get 3 Pairs of Running Shoes (Click to ask)
Harvest Pet Run
Harvest 100 Spinach (14 Hrs Crop)
Rewards: Coach Roadrunner

Get 4 Dumbbells (Click to ask)
Harvest Coach Roadrunner (Harvest in Aviary)
Harvest 150 Fruit Crops (Tip: Raspberries – 2 Hrs Crop)
Rewards: Work-Out Chicken

Get 5 Yoga Mats (Click to ask)
Harvest the Workout Chicken (Tip: Chicken Coop/Aviary)
Harvest 200 Vegetable Crops (Tip: Candied Yams – 4 Hrs / Pumpkin – 8 Hrs)
Rewards: Yoga Piggies

Get 6 Scrub Brushes (Click to ask)
Harvest Aviary 2 Times
Harvest 250 Green Tea (10 Hrs Crop)
Rewards: Spa Attendant Duck

Get 8 Skinny Clothes (Click to ask)
Harvest the Yoga Piggy (Harvest in Pig Pen/Livestock Pen)
Harvest 300 Grain Crops (Tips: Oats – 8 Hrs Crop)
Rewards: <Unknown Clothing>

Get 8 Healthy Cooking Books (Click to ask)
Harvest Spa Attendant Duck (Harvest in Duck Pond/Aviary)
Harvest Livestock Pen 2 times
Rewards: Penguin Personal Shopper

Get 8 New Year’s Resolutions (Click to ask)
Harvest 1 Penguin Personal Shopper (Harvest in Zoo)
Harvest 350 Vegetable Crops (Tip: Candied Yams – 4 Hrs / Pumpkin – 8 Hrs)
Rewards: Snowy Stone Cottage

Get 10 Pieces of Pink String (Click to ask)
Harvest Coach Roadrunner (Harvest in Aviary)
Harvest 400 Rhubarb (16 Hrs Crop)
Rewards: Snowy Monopteross

Get 12 Alarm Clocks (Click to ask)
Master Yoga Piggy to 1-star (Harvest in Pig Pen/Livestock Pen)
Harvest 450 Flowers (Tip: Columbine/Clover – 4 Hr Crops)
Rewards: Snowy Clock Tower






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