Edy’s Ice Cream Promo : 500,000 Farm Cash!

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FarmVille and Zynga will soon be teaming with Edy’s Ice Cream (Looks around June 1st, 2011) for a 500,000 Farm Cash Give Away! That is right, not 5 or 50, or even 500…500,000 FVC! Although it appears that 500 winners will each win 1,000 Farm Cash it’s still something to do to get some elusive Farm Cash.

We will make sure to post more information on this as it appeared in the FarmVille Official Forums for a split second before being removed. We are unsure at the target audience of this promotion but I can almost safely say USA only but we will see what turns up in the following weeks




  1. Your offer on Edy’s fruit bar Creamy Coconut is how I found you!
    However to my disappointment no place to enter my code on box.
    Therefore why should I send anything to facebook?
    Obviously you are deceiving customers. This will not stop me from buying the fruit bars I love them. Very disappointed!

  2. I agree with Karen. No place to put code to enter contest. Thoroughly enjoy the coconut bars and lime bars but very disappointed not to be able to do the contest.

  3. where do you enter the code this is crazy you want people to buy your stuff so where do you enter the code

  4. I would like to know where do you enter the code this is crazy you want people to buy your stuff so where do you enter the code

  5. Do not send me any “come-on” e-mails, I will delete them. What the BIG PRINT gives, the little print takes away. Not only do you fail to make entry in your [bogus] contest a simple task, you [zynga?] explain in the fine print that it really isn’t CASH you offer but “FarmVille Cash”, whatever THAT is. It also seems that this is a bogus site. Goodbye.

  6. Unbelevable….ANOTHER scam for advertising!!! c’mon…Dreyers Ice-cream….I have my code…where to apply? only they know…not fair to drive us crazy!!!!Very dissappointed….will not buy this Ice-cream again in this lifetime!!! Pleasse don’t bother my E-mail !!

  7. Zygna needs to hear about this they are advertising for something you can’t find to enter and we buy there product. I will post thid all over FaceBook and whereever else I can.

  8. wtf this is bs i have over 20 boxes with codes thats over $80 in pops where do i put the codes?

  9. You need to go to Edy’s Fruit Bar site on facebook and enter your code there. You can also get free codes there….I’ve already won a total of 650 farmcash and I haven’t purchased even 1 box of the fruit bars!

    • Where is the box to enter the code located? I entered their facebook and didn’t find it. Please let me know.

  10. I even called the 8888# for Edy’s. Got nothing on how to enter – so I will give up – but I am po’d…

  11. If you are going to run a contest then do it!
    I am on facebook but see no reason to go there for your contest.

  12. Here’s the deal….you have to “LIKE” Edys on Facebook and then you get to the place to enter your number!

  13. Judy L did not say Yorum icin tesekkurler. Onaylandikatan etc

    all I said was how to get to the place to add your code

  14. Whats up with the no code? You guys spend all this money to get my attention when you already had it. You risk really losing it over this type of poor advertising. I feel like a sucker more than a pop.


  16. i had the same pb. but i found it. go to edy’s fruitsbar on facebook then like it . and check on the left for farmville cash , u know where the photos and wall and informations they have farmville cash then click on it ..there u can put ur number.. good luck

  17. where do I enter my code; FBKXMHYB6W
    there is no place to enter the code.
    please reply thank you

  18. This is a bunch of crap. I am surprised Edy’s would step so low to say one could go this site and find a place to enter a code to see if one wins. It was a big run around for nothing. I don’t know why I buy your friut bars.

  19. My contest code is FC0196P11
    Thanks ! Flor Tuckler

  20. I have millions in coins and i don’t know what to do with this money…. i want to buy 30x 30 but i don’t have cash..

  21. Edys fruit bar.where do you enter the code to see if i won any farmville cash ??????

  22. This is retarded I can’t win any money if I can’t put the code in!



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