Farmville 2 Get FREE 6 Farm Cash

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Both links are still active and can be picked up. PS: If this does not a link, please leave at the bottom of this article, a comment
FarmVille 2: (New Link) 3 Farm Cash (Oct. 16) and 3Farm cash for [Monday,October 15]





  1. have tried to colect 6 farmville 2 cash dollars but keeps telling me that it has expired but other people seem to be collecting.

  2. link did not open for me missed out on the farmville 2 cash
    try again next time


  3. I am hoping that enough people will start recognizing advertising tricks when they see them. I have clicked on so many of “Farmville’s Helpers, Breeder’s, Free Stuff , and so on and so on. Usually it’s just a trick, but with your tricks comes virus’, url’s that don’t exist, or a hijacker trying to hijack a person’s personal information to use for identity theft.

    I have been a victim of identity theft twice, the last time within the last two years. IRS has me owing them almost
    eight thousand dollars in back taxes.

    Please don’t tell me that your websites are safe and secure, if they ( the hijacker’s ) can get into the Pentagon’s files , Social Security Administration files and the Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) then for heaven’s sake what makes anyone think their website is more secure than the
    aforementioned one’s?

    I am going to start a petition on two of my websites stating why all these websites I have been sent to are dangerous for consumer’s to keep going to them.

    I have lost more FV cash and of course on other game sites as well. Also the prices you ask for some of your products are ludicrous. Case in point, 198 FV cash or two hundred million in FV coins for the new Sunshine Meadows, for storage and so on. Ridiculous. I have seven farms and I am an avid player but I am seriously rethinking all these games.

    Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


    Maryanne Wood-Lewis

    October 16, 2012



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