Farmville 2 : Prize Crops & Mastery

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Crops Mastery
Crop Mastery unlocks once you reach level 7 in FarmVille. When you harvest one crop over and over, you will eventually master that crop. When you master a crop, you get more Coins and XP for the prized crops. Each crop has 3 levels of mastery. It takes more of each harvested crop to complete levels 2 and 3.


Prized Crops
When you fertilize a crop, it has a chance to become a Prize Crop upon harvest. Prized Crops will appear much larger than normal crops and they will be sparkling as well.


When you collect your Prized Crop, a window will pop up showing you how much your Prized Crop weighs. The larger the crop, the more Coins, XP and mastery points you will get.

After you grow a Prized Crop your record will be stored for that particular crop in the General Store. I happened to get a 17 Lb Pumpkin at mastery level 1 and was awarded with 17 Mastery Points, 340 Coins and 17 XP.

Crop Progress/ Records
Now when I go to buy pumpkin seeds it shows me that my record Pumpkin was 17 Lbs. It also shows me how many mastery points I need to get to the next mastery level. Just hover your mouse over the blue bar and it will show the mastery points needed in a tooltip. In my case, it says I need 36 more mastery points for a red ribbon.

Note: You will also get a little Crop Mastery sign to place on your farm so that all of your FV2 friends can see which crops you have mastered and to what level as well.

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