FarmVille 2:Exotic Eggs

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As you know we started guides and missions about FarmVille 2. Today we are guiding you about the FarmVille 2 Exotic Eggs and hens house to let you know how a baby chicken can be produced. There are different options in theguide we will show images below to guide you exactly to the point. Exotic eggs can be saved and collected over time. To see your collection progress, click on your Hen House any time after you have harvested it


If you collect two Uncommon Exotic Eggs, two Rare Exotic Eggs, and one Ultra Rare Exotic Egg, Walter will visit your farm and deliver a new baby chicken for you to keep!


If you do not want to wait to collect the exotic eggs, you can use Farm Bucks to skip these steps and get the newbaby chicken right away!

Your new Polish Silver Laced Chicken needs baby bottles to reach adulthood, just like your other animals. Once it has matured, it will produce Polish Red Eggs, which can be sold or used for Crafting. Press Share and Like Button if you like this guide.





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