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Howdy everyone!
Well yesterday’s announcement sure caused a bit of commotion. We do understand your point of view, and we don’t want you to feel like those pigs and sheep you claimed from your feed, spent bottles to grow and and then bred more with love potions and more bottles, are all going to waste.
Tonight we’ll be adding two rams into the Market with official patterns: a white starred ram and a white camo ram. Unfortunately we wound up blocking the “hooded” pattern (which you get from Brutus the Ram) the other day and we’ll be putting that back in tonight too.
So yes, all three of these patterns will be now allowed, meaning that after we update tonight you can breed with those patterns if you have them on your farm. And of course you can buy the two rams mentioned above from the Market and breed with them too. Note that the so-called “eye-patch” or “patch” pattern is not an official pattern and may not ever be one since it’s a bit messed up. New pig patterns may not be available for a bit longer.
In the near future we’ll be putting forth brand new patterns as well as colors (including the “flasher” color, which you may see soonish). This will also accompany a bit of a re-vamp about breeding and how it works so it’s a bit more robust and fun, though that’s a wee bit further down the road.
We’re also investigating claims about getting all of one color (notably white) for completely allowed animals, complaints that generally center around FC rams and ewes. So far using various combinations we haven’t reproduced a combination that has generated all whites all the time, though we have seen some other oddities that are under continued investigation.

Finally, there may be some clarification needed regarding breeding and pattern inheritance as it stands today:
If the patterns of the parents do not match, there is a chance that the offspring will inherit the father’s pattern.If the patterns of the parents do match, the chance of inheriting that pattern is greatly enhanced.
Okay that should be everything we want to say currently about the state of sheep and pig breeding currently. Please let us know what you think below, but please let it stay civil and within the Terms of Service. Thanks everyone!
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  1. Why can i not get anything to grow in my nursery?

  2. I may not have gotten flashy animals but i love the breeding.Thank you for the fun!

  3. You really need to offer more of these premium animals for coins instead of making us buy Farm Cash all the time. It’s just so unfair since you don’t award Farm Cash for regular play.

  4. I think you should release them all into the market. After all we are already use to breeding them and all this is like going backward not forward!
    And then you can bring out newer ones later on for us to look forward to. Also you did not address the pigs!! We were mostly into the pig breeding at the moment! I paid for some of the bottles a number of times, and paid for the potions too. Will nt be doing that again! it was all in anticipation to see how the pigs or sheep would turn out and sharing them.

    And why not the masked sheeP?

    Well that is my opinion and I think I reflect the feelings of most of the players.

    E Frankson

  5. Today all breding resulted in white rams and ewes. Not what was expected with the colors I was using. What a waste of love potion. Hope you can get things fixed and in the future have more of the bugs worked out before releasing.



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