FarmVille April 17, 2011 Mystery Game & Prizes

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Tonight, the FarmVille Mystery Game has been restocked with all new prizes! This animal themed Mystery Game features only animals as the exclusive prizes. These seemingly randomly grouped animals are Mystery Game exclusives. Meaning at the moment, you cannot purchase any of the Mystery Game prizes any where else in FarmVille.

This Mystery Game costs 20 FV  Farm Cash per dart and will be available for one week until it is replaced with new prizes. As always, you should play the Mystery Game at your own risk as you are never guaranteed to win any one specific or all prizes featured in the game.

The following are confirmed prizes in this Mystery Box:

FarmVille Black Shire Horse – Rare
FarmVille Burrowing Owl – Rare
FarmVille Wolverine – Uncommon
FarmVille California Condor – Uncommon
FarmVille Mountain Goat – Common
FarmVille Sonoran Pronghorn Deer – Common

Black Shire Horse

Burrowing Owl


California Condor

Mountain Goat

Pronghorn Deer







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