FarmVille Buildable Floating Castle Arrives!

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Floating CastleFloating CastleFloating CastleFloating CastleFloating CastleFloating Castle


Yet another constructible floating FarmVille building, the Floating Castle, arrived in FarmVille this afternoon. The Floating Castle is a multi-level building with at least six construction stages. It can be harvested for Gems for use in the upcoming Gem Tower  as well as Special Delivery Boxes (SDB) and items used to uncover fortunes in Jade Falls. The Gem Tower (not yet released) is an upcoming FarmVille feature where you will be able to find exclusive Unicorns.

You can place a Floating Castle on each of your FarmVille farms, but it’s architectural style fits in perfectly with Jade Falls farm. It will also give you items specific to Jade Falls farm when harvested. Remember, your progress on one building does not carry over to the building placed on another farm. Each Floating Castle is independent of one another and will require its own separate parts.

Placing your Floating Castle


The Floating Castle has its own icon on the right side of your in-game play area. Simply click on that to get started. If you don’t see this icon, you can always look in your FarmVille Market where you can scoop up the frame for free. Try keyword searching “Floating Castle”. As long as your in the FarmVille Market, you will also see that there is a semi-completed version for sale at 36 Farm Cash and an entirely completed Floating Castle for sale at the cost of 363 Farm Cash. Ouch.

Once you got your Floating Castle simply find enough clear green space to place it on your farm and start filling it with parts.

Constructing Your Floating Castle

The Floating Castle is rundown and needs to be repaired. It will become functional after completing the first construction phase.

It will require three different construction parts which include a Hovering Charm, Cloud Brick, and Enchanted Bamboo.

FarmVille Buildable Floating Castle Part Requirements Stage 1:

  • FarmVille Hovering Charm x 6 (via Facebook News Feed)
  • FarmVille Cloud Brick x 6 (via Facebook News Feed)
  • FarmVille Enchanted Bamboo x 9 (requesting specific friend help & giftable)

    FarmVille Hovering Charm


    FarmVille Cloud Brick


    FarmVille Enchanted Bamboo

    • Stage 2: 8 Hovering Charm, 8 Cloud Brick,  12 Enchanted Bamboo
    • Stage 3: 10 Hovering Charm, 10 Cloud Brick, 15 Enchanted Bamboo
    • Stage 4: 12 Hovering Charm, 12 Cloud Brick,  18 Enchanted Bamboo
    • Stage 5: 14 Hovering Charm, 14 Cloud Brick, 21 Enchanted Bamboo
    • Stage 6: 16 Hovering Charm, 16 Cloud Brick, 24 Enchanted Bamboo

    There are several ways to obtain construction materials. The Enchanted Bamboo is giftable and you can request specific friend help. However, the Hovering Charm and Cloud Brick can only be obtained via the Facebook News Feed by posting a share. Remember, when you click on a friend’s share you will also receive a part for yourself. Help a friend, help yourself!

    You can also purchase parts using Farm Cash. The Enchanted Bamboo parts cost 1 Farm Cash each and the Hovering Charm and Cloud Brick cost 2 Farm Cash each.

    Floating Castle Limited Time Availability

    According to Zynga over at the official FarmVille Forum, “The Floating Castle is only around for a limited time—so start building! You will always be able to harvest your Floating Castle for Gems and Treasure parts, ask friends for parts, and complete your Castle, but you won’t be able to place the Floating Castle, find the parts you need to build it on the Free Gifts page, or purchase the completed or semi-compl

    Floating Castle Pop Up

    Floating Castle Look Inside





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