FarmVille Charming Vineyard Exclusive Crops: How to unlock all 7 crops

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FarmVille Cabernet Sangioveses


The FarmVille Charming Vineyard rolled out earlier today and in addition to getting free prizes when you obtain enough votes, you can also unlock some new exclusive crops in the process!

What? New crops you say? Yep, FarmVille replaced the usual avatar costume bonus prizes with crops. So even though you’ll have to work a little harder to unlock these crops, we’ve broken it down for you below. Each voting cycle (six questions total per cycle) will unlock a specific bonus prize crop. Remember, the way your friends vote determines which bonus crop you will unlock. The voting cycle can be repeated so that you can actually unlock all seven exclusive crops. No more smalltalk, we’ll get straight to the goods. Simply follow the votes below to unlock each specific Charming Vineyard bonus crop.
FarmVille Charming Vineyard Bonus Crops & How to Unlock

  • FarmVille Sangioveses crop – unlock with Voting:  all 6 RIGHT side
  • FarmVille Sauvignon Blanc crop – unlock with Voting: all 6 LEFT side
  • FarmVille Cabernet Sangioveses crop – unlock with Voting: 1 Right and 5 Left
  • FarmVille Syrahs crop – unlock with Voting: 4 Right and 2 Left
  • FarmVille Pinot Noirs crop – unlock with Voting: 3 Right and 3 Left
  • FarmVille Rieslings crop – unlock with Voting: 2 Right and 4 Left
  • FarmVille Moscatos crop – unlock with Voting: 1 Right and 5 Left

Exclusive Bonus Crops:



FarmVille Sangioveses


FarmVille Cabernet Sangioveses


FarmVille Syrahs


FarmVille Pinot Noirs


FarmVille Rieslings


FarmVille Moscatos


FarmVille Sauvignon Blanc





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