FarmVille Charming Vineyard & Prizes Coming Soon

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FarmVille Charming Vineyard[ads]

 A FarmVille Charming Vineyard is on the way! The Charming Vineyard serves as FarmVille’s next countdown portal with 12 days of free prizes and the storable Charming Vineyard  too.

The Charming Vineyard Countdown offers some unique prizes heavy on the grapes that FarmVille wine lovers are sure to appreciate.

We kinda love the idea of the Charming Vineyard and the looks of it too, what do you think FarmVille Freaks?

The Charming Vineyard Countdown is expected to start rolling out tomorrow, sometime on Tuesday, July 10th 2012. We’ll be sure to let you know when it arrives, stay tuned.

Thank you to  for finding these unreleased FarmVille Charming Vineyard Prizes!


FarmVille Charming Vineyard Prizes:

  • FarmVille Vineyard Steed
  • FarmVille Chateau Stallion
  • FarmVille Gardener Chicken
  • FarmVille Red Willow Tree
  • FarmVille White Cypress Tree
  • FarmVille Connoisseur Sheep
  • FarmVille Red Grape Rabbit
  • FarmVille White Grape Duck
  • FarmVille Vintner Gnome
  • FarmVille Valet Gnome
  • FarmVille Oak Barrel Rack
  • FarmVille Grape Crushing Barrel
































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