FarmVille Crafting Silo Quest I : A Place for Everything

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With the release of the new Crafting Silo, there are also brand new quests for you to complete. The first Crafting Silo themed quest kicks off with “A Place for Everything”. In this quest you will begin by placing your Crafting Silo on your farm, growing Carrots, and collecting some Building Permits from your friends.

A Place for Everything


1. Place Crafting Silo on your farm.
2. Get 6 Building Permits by selecting friends using the “Ask for Help” button.
3. Harvest 100 Carrots.

A Place for Everything Information

After completing the objectives of this quest, you will be rewarded with the prizes listed below and encouraged to expand your Crafting Silo.

A Place for Everything Complete


100 XP
2 Hinges
2 Tin Sheets
2 Screwdrivers
1,000 Farm Coins




  1. How can I get building permits when you give me a page where I have to type in names and that never works for me. I have tried several times. Please send me something that I can send to my friends asking for those items.



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