FarmVille Craftshops Are Coming Soon Loading Screen

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In the newest loading screen, we see a message that says “Craftshops are coming soon!” It seems as though we are to put in perfectly normal/ordinary things from around the farm into these “Craftshops” to get new/exciting and seemingly rare items for our farms.

Some of the items we see “coming out” of the Craftshop include Love Potions, Bottles and what looks like the Limited Edition Dreadful Fence!




  1. they have been telling us that they are trying to fix the sheep but where do they find the time with all these new things my guess is that they will not even bother to try !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. But, what is the use of these new craft shops?
    Why has zynga added this item to the game? Anyone who knows the answer please tell to me because I have completed the craft shop but I am not getting it fully functioned!

  3. Its functioning to ..



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