FarmVille Early Access to Jade Falls Enlighten Trails Begins with Master Motto’s Challenges!

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FarmVille’s Master Motto arrived tonight in FarmVille! Master Motto is here to kick off early access to Jade Falls’ Enlighten Trails!

You can purchase early access to the Jade Falls mini-expansion, Enlighten Trails, for 20 Farm Cash. Enlighten Falls is a mini-expansion of Jade Falls. It is not a new FarmVille farm persay. Although early access costs Farm Cash, you will soon be able to travel there for free.

FarmVille Jade Falls Master Motto Notice

Paying to get there early will has some bonuses such as Challenges (sort of like quests, but with mini time constraints) and their rewards, freebies such as Pig-O Token and free Monkey King animal. You will also get early access to new crops as well as unlock new market items before everyone else. In total, there are 30 market items that you will be able to unlock whey you pay Farm Cash to Master Motto. Note, the market items (including crops) will eventually be released to everyone, but paying the cost of Early Acces gets you just that, early access to items that will be locked for everyone else.

The free King Money and Pig-O Token are part of the perks for paying Early Access and will not be a part of regular access.





  1. I have purchased this early release but nothing has shown up on my farm so I have no way of completing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so angry DOES ANY OF THIS STUFF WORK ON ZYNGA????????????/



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