FarmVille Exotic Animal Stamp Collection Countdown Day 5: Get a Giant Mammoth Sheep!

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FarmVille Giant Mammoth Sheep

It’s Day 5 of the FarmVille Exotic Stamp Collection countdown which features the Mammoth Sheep as the Daily Prize. You will need to collect 6 Ball of Wool to redeem today’s prize by posting a Facebook News Feed share.


When one of your friends clicks on your share, you will get one item per friend that clicks. Remember, when you click on a neighbor’s share, you will also get one item for yourself. Help a friend, help yourself. You can request help every 6 hours. After fulfilling the collection requirements, you can find the the Daily Prize in your FarmVille Gift Box. Once you complete each of the countdown’s Daily Prizes, you get another free gift, the Zorse (Zebra + Horse) bonus prize!


Check out a sneak peek of all the countdown prizes below!

FarmVille Exotic Animal Stamp Collection Prizes:

FarmVille Saiga Antelope (Day 1) – Get 3 Mini Plants
FarmVille Royal Flycatcher (Day 2) – Get 4 Corn
FarmVille Mara Rodent (Day 3) – Get 6 Grass
FarmVille Sigillaria Tree (Day 4) – Get 6 Magnifying Glass
FarmVille Giant Mammoth Sheep (Day 5) – Get 6 Ball of Wool

FarmVille Himalayan Yew Tree (Day 6) – Get 6
FarmVille Gold Komodo (Day 7) – Get 8 Wheat
FarmVille Piranha Fish Tank (Day 8) – Get 8 Water Buckets
FarmVille Travelers Palm Tree (Day 9) – Get 10 Palm Seeds
FarmVille Blue Capybara Rodent (Day 10) – Get 10 Berries
FarmVille Great Prairie Chicken (Day 11) – Get 12 Grasshoppers
FarmVille Postman Gnome (Day 12) – Get 12
FarmVille Zorse (Bonus Prize)





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