FarmVille Firefly Quests Master Guide!

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This series of FarmVille Fireflies Quests are expected to be released on the afternoon of June 28th 2012.

Use this FarmVille Freak Guide to speed through your questing by planning accordingly. Remember to be a good neighbor and share it with your farmin’ friends! If you need help completing other FarmVille quests, check out the “FVF Quests” tab located at the top menu on our home page.

Check out the quest rewards below and share this article with your farmin’ friends!

Catching Fire Quest


FarmVille Fireflies Quest 1: Catching Fire
Requirements: Get 4 Firefly Nets, Harvest 50 Blueberries & harvest 2 Cow Pastures

Firefly SheepFirefly Nets

Rewards: 125 XP, Firefly Sheep, Fishing Net, & 2,500 Farm Coins

Lightning In A Jar Quest

FarmVille Fireflies Quest 2: Lighting in a Jar
Requirements: Get 6 Firefly Jars, Harvest 75 Aloa Vera & Harvest Firefly Sheep Twice

Firefly CowFirefly Jars

Rewards: 150 XP, Firefly Cow, Crow Bar, & 3,000 Farm Coins

Feeding The Fire Quest

FarmVille Fireflies Quest 3: Feeding the Fire!
Requirements: Get 8 Firefly Food, Harvest 100 Eggplants & Harvest Firefly Cow Twice

Mystery Game DartFirefly Food

Rewards: 175 XP, Mystery Game Dart, Fishing Net, & 3,500 Farm Coins

Read All About It Quest

FarmVille Fireflies Quest 4: Read All About It

Requirements: Get 9 Firefly Books, Harvest 125 Peanuts & Craft 1 Farmhand


Firefly GnomeFirefly Books

Rewards: 200 XP, Firefly Gnome, Crow Bar, & 4,000 Farm Coins

The Red Ones Quest

FarmVille Fireflies Quest 5: The Red Ones
Requirements: Get 9 Red Fireflies, Harvest 150 Soybeans & Master Firefly Sheep to 1-Star

Book of XPRed Fireflies

Rewards: 225 XP, Book of XP, Fishing Net, & 4,500 Farm Coins

The Green Ones Quest

FarmVille Fireflies Quest 6: The Green Ones
Requirements: Get 9 Green Fireflies, Harvest 150 Grapes & Craft 1 Arborist

Firefly LampGreen Fireflies

Rewards: 250 XP, Firefly Lamp, Crow Bar, & 5,000 Farm Coins

The Yellow Ones Quest

FarmVille Fireflies Quest 7: The Yellow Ones
Requirements: Get 10 Yellow Fireflies, Harvest 150 Peppers & Master Firefly Cow to 1-Star

Mystery Game DartYellow Fireflies

Rewards: 275 XP, Mystery Game Dart, Fishing Net, & 5,500 Farm Coins

Neat Trick Quest

FarmVille Fireflies Quest 8: Neat Trick!
Requirements: Get 11 Firefly Globes, Harvest 150 Red Tulips & Harvest Horse Paddock 3 Times

Firefly SignFirefly Globes

Rewards: 300 XP, Firefly Sign, & 6,000 Farm Coins

Horsefly Quest

FarmVille Fireflies Quest 9: Horse Fly
Requirements: Get 12 Firefly Signs, Harvest 150 Squash & Craft 1 Fertilize All

Firefly HorseFirefly Signs

Rewards: 325 XP, Firefly Horse, & 6,500 Farm Coins

















  1. Farmville Fireflies Questleri Bu seri 28 Haziran 2012 günü öğleden sonra vizyona giren görevi tekrarlamak istiyorum. ne yapmam lazım?
    Fireflies Farmville Quests released into the afternoon of June 28, 2012 This series I want to repeat the task. What should I do?

  2. Thanks for sending me this Fireflies quest guide. it helps me a lot to finished it quikly…



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