FarmVille Fixes One Click Sharing

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When One Click Sharing was first introduced to FarmVille, it wasn’t long before the feature began having problems and was temporarily disabled.

Zynga spent a week working hard to fix this feature and today they announced via the official FarmVille Forum that it is back up and running.

“Howdy Farmers!

After a week of hard work, FarmVille fixed extended permissions, so players can now use the One Click Sharing feature AGAIN!!!

Now post your feeds quicker than ever with One Click Sharing without any wait.

Couple Notes:

* If you already accepted the One Click Sharing option, you should automatically have it again.
* There is a 25 quick post limit. After hitting the limit, posting will revert back to old fashioned way.
* If a player has rejected the One Click Sharing option, you’ll get another chance to opt-in this feature within 2 weeks.

Please enjoy your smoother game play and let us know what you think. ” (Source: Official FarmVille Forum)

Not a fan of One Click Sharing and want to learn how to disable it?

How to Remove the new One Click Sharing?





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