FarmVille Gift Box Upgraded with Sorting Feature

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Remember when we could only keep a measly 30 items in our FarmVille Gift Box and then 50 and later the 200 limit seemed like a lot?

Well those days are long gone and due to the frustration of many farmers’ overflowing Gift Boxes, Zynga has upgraded FarmVille’s Gift Box by adding a new sorting feature, a search button, and selling options.

In a way similar to the FarmVille Market categories, the sorting feature allows you to find items much easier than before. Another big change to the Gift Box is its new ability to sell multiple items at once. If you multiples of one item, then you can now chose the amount that you would like to sell. These are simple changes, but quite time saving and an overall improvement on the Gift Box.

(Note: Currently this feature is slowing rolling out throughout the day, so hang tight if you still do not have access.)




  1. Will we EVER be able to “gift” items from our farms to our neighbors farms????????? My grand-daughter no longer plays and has several things that I would love to have…..

  2. the publications overwhelm the farmer when he starts to harvest and it is repetitious ( 2 publications for 1 action)..can the publications be sent after harvesting?



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