FarmVille Guarantee Pattern Inheritance!

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A new breeding feature is currently slowly rolling out to farmers that will guarantee pattern inheritance. You will be able to select “Guarantee Pattern” for 100% guarantee that the Dad’s pattern will pass to the offspring.

This feature will cost cash from 2 to 8 Farm Cash ! Note : this is an optional feature. You can continue breeding as usual without having to spend any Farm Cash.

Love Patterns Notice

Guarantee Pattern Checkbox




  1. pourquoi toujours en fv, c’est favoriser les personnes qui en ont et les autres n’y ont pas accès,c’est un jeu on devrait avoir le droit de choisir

  2. I won’t pay for a guarantee pattern. I will quit breeding all together. Since you have started this earlier, I can not get anything but solid colors or white. Yea! Not! So if you decide to do this I am out.



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