FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Early Access Sneak Peek

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It seems as though the FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise is right around the corner as you can see in the unreleased FarmVille Loading Screen pictured above.

It looks like all the regular FarmVille animals are getting in the action with the Hawaiian makeover. Similar to past previous destination farms such as Winter Wonderland and Lighthouse Cove, there will also be the option to purchase an early access using Farm Cash. The image below shows the early access price will be 45 Farm Cash (with a regular price of 80 Farm Cash), but this price is subject to change without prior notice as this has not actually been released yet. And what does early access mean? Keep reading!

Purchasing early access to FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise will allow those farmers VIP treatment with the following exclusives granted by the VIP Pass:

Be the first to expand your farm to the Hawaiian ocean
An exclusive Sea Horse free gift
Access to new plants and animals
Ability to uncover treasures on the land and sea
Exclusive Quest and its rewards

Besides getting to Hawaii faster than those who wait for the free option, you will be able to get ahead in your expansion, questing, earn a few freebies and familiarize yourself with FarmVille’s Hawaiian Paradise while everyone else is forced to wait for the free access. Purchasing VIP access is completely optional, so it’s really up to you if you find it worth the Farm Cash or not.

Please note, this post is unreleased and features unreleased images from the upcoming Hawaiian farm. The information contained in these images is subject to change without prior notice by Zynga.





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