FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Sea Treasures & Buried Treasures Master Guide

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FarmVille’s Hawaiian Paradise is coming soon, so prepare yourself by collecting some of the needed supplies to uncover treasure on your Hawaiian farm!

Finding Treasure will work similar to uncovering frozen presents in Winter Wonderland. You will need to collect a specific amount of items, Fishing Nets for Sea Treasures and Crowbars for Buried Treasures, to uncover the Treasures and find out what’s inside.

Even though we aren’t in Hawaii just yet, you can start collecting these Treasure supplies using the Gifting Links below. Next to each Treasure you will find the amount of items needed to uncover it. Simply click the item to send your friends gifting requests.

Please note, these Gifting Links are currently working at the moment, but are subject to change without prior notice by Zynga. Use them while you can and be sure to share this guide with your farmin’ friends!

FarmVille Sea Treasure Requirements:

FarmVille Small Sea Treasure – Need 10 Small Fishing Nets
FarMVille Medium Sea Treasure – Need 28 Small Fishing Nets
FarmVille Large Sea Treasure – Need 50 Large Fishing Nets
FarmVille Extra Large Sea Treasure – Need 85 Large Fishing Nets

FarmVille Buried Treasure Requirements:

FarmVille Small Buried Treasure – Need 10 Small Crowbars
FarmVille Medium Buried Treasure – Need 28 Small Crowbars
FarmVille Large Buried Treasure – Need 50 Large Crowbars
FarmVille Extra Large Buried Treasure – Need 85 Large Crowbars





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