FarmVille Increases Bushel Capacity

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With tonight’s regularly scheduled updates, FarmVille also increased our Bushel capacity!

The amount of Bushels that you are allowed to keep depends on how many Market Stalls that you own. The old limitation was set to 100, this is now the starting point for the minimum amount of owning one Market Stall. For every Market Stall that you own, your Bushel capacity will increase by 25. The maximum amount is now 200 stored Bushels for 5 Market Stalls.

Read below from FarmVille:
“With tonight’s update we’ve also altered the total amount of bushels you can have stored on your farm. Previously the limit was 100; currently the base limit is 100, and you get to store an additional 25 bushels for every Market Stall after the first for a maximum of 200. Here’s an easy way of looking at it the new bushel capacity cap:
1 Market Stall – 100Bushels

2 Market Stalls – 125Bushels

3 Market Stalls – 150 Bushels

4 Market Stalls – 175 Bushels

5 Market Stalls – 200 Bushels





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