FarmVille July 31, 2011 Mystery Game & Prizes

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The FarmVille Mystery Game has been restocked with all new Vineyard themed prizes.

This Vineyard themed Mystery Game features all animals. Think- animals with splashes of purple and grape motifs. Isn’t the Vineyard Dog just adorable? Along with the regular six featured prizes, if you collect all six prizes you will get the free bonus prize. FarmVille Freak Horse Breeders will not be happy to see that the Bonus prizes ia Vineyard Horse, which means you will have to spend a minimum of 120 Farm Cash to get your own Vineyard Horse.

This Mystery Game will cost you 20 Farm Cash per dart. As always, you are never guaranteed to win any one specific or all prizes featured in the Mystery Game, so you should play at your own risk.

FarmVille Mystery Game (Released: July 31, 2011)

FarmVille Mystery Game – 20 Farm Cash
Be sure to share with other FarmVille Freaks what balloon you “popped” to win your prize by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post!

FarmVille Mystery Game (Released: July 31, 2011)

The following are confirmed prizes:

FarmVille Vineyard Duck
FarmVille Vineyard Mini Horse
FarmVille Vineyard Do – Uncommong
FarmVille Vineyard Cat
FarmVille Vineyard Cow
FarmVille Vineyard Goat

Free Bonus Prize for winning all 6 featured prizes:

FarmVille Wine Horse





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