FarmVille Launches Spring Garden is Here

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FarmVille kicked off Easter or Spring celebrations with the introduction of the Spring Garden. It will work similar to the St. Patrick’s Day festivities did with the Leprechaun Cottage and the Pot of Gold. The Spring Garden will produce flowers for us to use in our Spring Basket collection event in which we will be able to redeem for special exclusive prizes.

Here are the building requirements for the Spring Garden’s stages. As you can see from the images above, with each new stage completed, the Spring Garden becomes more grand.

Stage 1: 12 Bricks, 12 Wooden Boards, and 12 Nails
Stage 2: 16 Bricks, 16 Wooden Boards, and 16 Nails
Stage 3: 30 Bricks, 30 Wooden Boards, and 30 Nails




  1. can you tell me if this spring garden is available now or when it will be comming thx



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