FarmVille Let’s Build Feature

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FarmVille Let’s Build Feature; Bravo ZYNGA This is Avesome;Now you can build faster than ever! Simply click on a highlighted building after you select Shovels, Building Parts or Watering Cans from your Gift Box! Making building items, watering seedlings and digging those storage cellars a breeze

Once you select a building material from your Gift Box you will notice that unfinished buildings or mystery seedlings will become highlighted blue and will be ready to receive your building materials in one click! You can see here my duck pond that is no finished, and how my mouse is allowing me to use the 11 watering cans in my gift box




  1. I love this feature, and was just saying how I hated to grow my trees because it took to long, and then this. WOW best thing yet !

  2. I hate this new way of building/watering..How can I stop this??? Peferred the old way for watering trees. At least that way you knew were you were and it was easier. This way (which you find easier) actually is more difficult. I have chatted with 35 friends and we all hate it for our trees. Why isn’t there an option to chooose to do this or not… Yes, I have read all your details, but simply clicking on the function arrow does not make anything easier – all it does is stop what you are doing…Help, there must be a way to do the watering the old way.. Respectfully submitted..

  3. I love to grow trees. now that i have grown them this way theres no turning back GROW GROW GROW,i love the quickness Got to go got to grow



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