FarmVille Limited Edition Australian Decorations: Outback Waterfall, Kangaroo Gnome, Outback Jeep, Ayres Rock & Kangaroo Sign

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FarmVille Outback Waterfall


FarmVille Kangaroo Gnome


FarmVille Outback Jeep


FarmVille Ayres Rock


FarmVille Kangaroo Sign

FarmVille welcomed a new Limited Edition Austrailian theme tonight!

The new Austrailian decorations include an Outback Waterfall, Kangaroo Gnome, Outback Jeep, Ayres Rock, and Kangaroo Sign. You can use these items to give your FarmVille farm that special Outback touch. Be sure to check them out in your FarmVille Market during the next 13 days only before they are set to retire.

FarmVille Limited Edition Austrailian Decorations (Released: August 5, 2012)


FarmVille Outback Waterfall – 14 Farm Cash
FarmVille Kangaroo Gnome – 12 Farm Cash
FarmVille Outback Jeep – 60,000 Farm Coins
FarmVille Ayres Rock – 40,000 Farm Coins
FarmVIlle Kangaroo Sign – 10,000 Farm Coins





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