FarmVille Limited Edition Autumn Decorations AND Autumn Animals

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FarmVille Tractor Gnome


FarmVille Sweet Clematis Arch


FarmVille Autumn Scarecrow


There are several Autumn decorations which include the Tractor Gnome, and two Farm Coin items which are the Sweet Clematis Arch and Autumn Scarecrow.

FarmVille Limited Edition Autumn Decorations:

  • FarmVille Tractor Gnome – 12 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Sweet Clematis Arch – 20,000 Farm Coins
  • FarmVille Autumn Scarecrow – 10,000 Farm Coins
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FarmVille Chrysanths Horse


FarmVille Chicken Turkey

FarmVille Acorn Rabbit


FarmVille Shetland Duck


FarmVille Geribaldi Fish

The new Autumn animals include a Chrysanths Horse, Chicken Turkey, Acorn Rabbit, Shetland Duck, and Geribaldi Fish. The horse can reproduce a similar type foal when placed inside your FarmVille Horse Paddock. The Shetland Duck can be purchased with Farm Cash or Farm Coins with a 2.2 million Farm Coins price tag. The Geribaldi Fish is a water-only animal that will need to be placed inside the water feature area of your FarmVille farm.

FarmVille Limited Edition Autumn Animals:

FarmVille Chrysanths Horse – 26 Farm Cash
FarmVille Chicken Turkey – 18 Farm Cash
FarmVille Acorn Rabbit – 10 Farm Cash
FarmVille Shetland Duck – 12 Farm Cash or 2,200,000 Farm Coins
FarmVille Geribaldi Fish (Water Only) – 5 Farm Cash





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