FarmVille Limited Edition Cloud City Building: Floating Cottage

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FarmVille Floating Cottage


It’s been a long time since a FarmVille building caught our eye and we have to say, this one made us look twice.
The new Limited Edition Floating Cottage hit the FarmVille Market tonight as part of the Cloud City theme. It is a decorative building that can be used to spruce up your farm and otherwise serves no functional purpose other than being eye candy for your farm that is.

It costs 15 Farm Cash and can be purchased during the next 13 days only via the FarmVille Market.

FarmVille Limited Edition Cloud City Building (Released: May 16th 2012)


  • FarmVille Floating Cottage – 15 Farm Cash

What do you think about this new building? Will you purchase one for your FarmVille farm?




  1. Well I would have bought one …My daughter bought me a fc card added it …did not get to buy anything woke up excited to buy a groovy barn and and some trees… my farm cash was gone ;( wrote to them and they did not refund me so no I will never buy anything from them… I will just deal with what I can buy with my coins now …or win them.



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