FarmVille Limited Edition Enchanted Love Animals: Royal Horse & Royal Guard Duck

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cb8b590c0d9fe292fa62849d2319137b Unreleased Royal Guard Duck

If you have the grand English Castle on your farm, you now have some brand new animals to match its magnificence! The Royal Horse and the Royal Duck are the two new animals that FarmVille has released tonight.


These new animals will be available for purchase for the next 13 days, until May 9, 2011. They may be purchased for either your home farm or your English Countryside farm.

As usual, there is good news for Horse breeders. The Royal Horse can be placed in the Horse Stable and will produce Royal Horse Foals.

FarmVille Limited Edition Enchanted Love Themed Animals (Released: April 24, 2011)
FarmVille Royal Horse – 26 Farm Cash

FarmVille Royal Guard Duck – 16 Farm Cash





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