FarmVille Limited Edition Ghostly Halloween Animals:Ghost Mini Horse,Ghost Mini Foal,Ghost Dragon,Ghost Goat,Franken Monkey,Ghost Cat

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FarmVille Ghost Mini Horse


FarmVille Ghost Mini Foal


FarmVille Ghost Dragon


FarmVille Ghost Goat


FarmVille Franken Monkey


FarmVille Ghost Cat

The new batch of Limited Edition Ghostly Halloween animals include a Ghost Mini Horse, Ghost Mini Foal, Ghost Dragon, Ghost Goat, Franken Monkey, and Ghost Cat. The Mini Horse can produce a similar type foal when place inside your FarmVille Horse Paddock, but if you prefer to buy its foal directly you can scoop it up using Farm Cash via the FarmVille Market.

FarmVille Limited Edition Ghostly Halloween Animals:


FarmVille Ghost Mini Horse – 26 Farm Cash
FarmVille Ghost Mini Foal – 15 Farm Cash
FarmVille Ghost Dragon – 20 Farm Cash
FarmVille Ghost Goat – 16 Farm Cash
FarmVille Franken Monkey – 12 Farm Cash
FarmVille Ghost Cat – 12 Farm Cash





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