FarmVille Limited Edition Greek Mythology Trees: California Laurel, Bay Laurel, Wing & Giant Wing

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FarmVille debuted a brand new Limited Edition Greek Mythology theme tonight including several re-released and new trees!

The Limited Edition trees that have been re-released and repurposed under the Greek Mythology theme are back in the FarmVille Market and include a California Laurel Tree and Bay Laurel Tree. The new trees debuting for the first time are the Wing Tree and its giant version the Giant Wing Tree.

Each of these trees can be purchased directly using Farm Cash via the FarmVille Market during the next 13 days only. Also, keep an eye out for any of these trees on your Facebook News Feed from your awesome (and generous) arborist neighbors’ shares.

FarmVille Limited Edition Greek Mythology Trees (Released: April 11, 2012)

FarmVille California Laurel Tree (Re-release) – 5 Farm Cash
FarmVille Bay Laurel Tree (Re-release) – 5 Farm Cash
FarmVille Wing Tree – 8 Farm Cash
FarmVille Giant Wing Tree – 14 Farm Cash




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