FarmVille Limited Edition Jade Falls Trees: Chinese Redbud, Oyama Magnolia, Sachet & Giant Sachet

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FarmVille Chinese Redbud Tree


FarmVille Oyama Magnolia Tree


FarmVille Sachet Tree


FarmVille Giant Sachet Tree

New Limited Edition Jade Falls Trees are expected to hit the FarmVille Market later tonight. The new trees include a Redbud Tree, Oyama Magnolia Tree, Sachet Tree, and Giant Sachet Tree.


Each of these trees can be purchased directly using Farm Cash via the FarmVille Market. Also, if you’re lucky you may see these trees on your Facebook News Feed from your arborist tree-breeding neighbors. If you are able to “adopt” one make sure you say thanks.

These Jade Falls trees can be purchased for any FarmVille farm, as long as you place them on the specific farm they are purchased for. Check these trees out in the market during the next 13 days.
FarmVille Limited Edition Jade Falls Trees (Released: June 6th 2012)

  • FarmVille Chinese Redbud Tree – 6 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Oyama Magnolia Tree – 12 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Sachet Tree – 8 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Giant Sachet Tree – 14 Farm Cash





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