FarmVille Limited Edition Magic Animals:Fire Pegasus ,Witch Sheep, Dorper Sheep,Giant Magic Tiger,Magic Tiger , Black Dolphin (Water Only)

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FarmVille Fire Pegasus


FarmVille Witch Sheep


FarmVille Dorper Sheep


FarmVille Magic Tiger


FarmVille Black Dolphin

There are several new animals which include a Fire Pegasus, Witch Sheep, Dorper Sheep, Giant Magic Tiger, Magic Tiger, and Black Dolphin. The Dorper Sheep has an optional Farm Coin price tag or it can be purchased with Farm Cash. The Black Dolphin is a water-only animal that needs to be placed in the water feature area of your farm.


FarmVille Limited Edition Magic Animals:

FarmVille Fire Pegasus – 30 Farm Cash
FarmVille Witch Sheep – 16 Farm Cash
FarmVille Dorper Sheep – 16 Farm Cash or 2,200,000 Farm Coins
FarmVille Giant Magic Tiger – 16 Farm Cash
FarmVille Magic Tiger – 14 Farm Cash
FarmVille Black Dolphin (Water Only) – 14 Farm Cash





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