FarmVille Limited Edition Miniature Decorations:Miniature Owl,Mini Gnome,Mini Farmhouse,Miniature Island (Water Only),Miniature Garden, Miniature Haybale

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FarmVille Miniature Owl


FarmVille Mini Gnome


FarmVille Mini Farmhouse


FarmVille Miniature Island


FarmVille Miniature Garden


FarmVille Miniature Haybale

The new Miniature decorations include a Miniature Owl, a decorative bird that will not produce Farm Coins as it cannot be harvested. There’s also a Mini Gnome, Mini Farmhouse, and Miniature Island which is a water-only decoration each available with Farm Cash. There’s also two items that can be scooped up with Farm Coins- a Miniature Garden and Miniature Haybale.

FarmVille Limited Edition Miniature Decorations:


FarmVille Miniature Owl – 12 Farm Cash
FarmVille Mini Gnome – 10 Farm Cash
FarmVille Mini Farmhouse – 10 Farm Cash
FarmVille Miniature Island (Water Only) – 3 Farm Cash
FarmVille Miniature Garden – 120,000 Farm Coins
FarmVille Miniature Haybale – 500 Farm Coins





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