FarmVille Limited Edition Nautical Animals: Sea Star Horse, Giant Captain Cow, Captain Cow, Seashell Sheep, Octopus Sailor & Gentoo Penguin

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Sea Star HorseCaptain CowSeashell SheepOctopus SailorGentoo Penguin
The Limited Edition Nautical theme arrived in FarmVille tonight with a fresh batch of new nautical inspired animals! The first round of Nautical animals includes a Sea Star Horse, Giant Captain Cow, Captain Cow, Seashell Sheep, Octopus Sailor, and Gentoo Penguin.

The Sea Star Horse can produce a similar type foal when placed inside your FarmVille Horse Paddock just make sure you are using the newer building and not the older Horse Stable animal habitat. The Captain Cows can also produce similar type offspring when placed inside your Cow Pasture. The Octopus Sailor is a water only animal who needs to placed in water areas. The Gentoo Penguin can be purchased with Farm Cash or Farm Coins, with the optional Farm Coin price tag of 2 million Farm Coins.

Check out each of these animals in your FarmVille Market during the next 13 days only.

FarmVille Limited Edition Nautical Animals (Released: July 29, 2012)
FarmVille Sea Star Horse – 26 Farm Cash
FarmVille Giant Captain Cow – 22 Farm Cash
FarmVille Captain Cow – 20 Farm Cash
FarmVille Seashell Sheep – 16 Farm Cash
FarmVille Octopus Sailor (Water Only) – 14 Farm Cash
FarmVille Gentoo Penguin – 12 Farm Cash or 2,000,000 Farm Coins






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