FarmVille Limited Edition Vampire & Warewolf Market Update (October 20th, 2012)

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It’s FarmVille’s Friday night updates, and new Limited Edition Vampire & Werewolf market items are here! Joining the theme are new animals, trees, building, decorations, and costumes of course!

You can purchase each of the new (and re-released) items listed below during the next 13 days only.

FarmVille Silver Batacorn

FarmVille Werewolf Cow


FarmVille Vampire Dragon

FarmVille Bella Swan

FarmVille Dracula Cat

The new batch of Vampire & Werewolf animals include a Silver Batacorn, Werewolf Cow, Vampire Dragon, Bella Swan, and Dracula Cat. LOL at Bella Swan! Get it? It has to be a nod to Twilight character Bella Swan who I’m sure the Twi-hards will love. The Werewolf Cow can reproduce a simliar type calf when placed inside your FarmVille Cow Pasture. The Dracula Cat has a Farm Cash price or an optional Farm Coin one at 2 million Farm Coins.

FarmVille Limited Edition Vampire & Warewolf Animals:


FarmVille Silver Batacorn – 30 Farm Cash
FarmVille Werewolf Cow – 20 Farm Cash
FarmVille Vampire Dragon – 20 Farm Cash
FarmVille Bella Swan – 16 Farm Cash
FarmVille Dracula Cat – 12 Farm Cash or 2,000,000 Farm Coins


FarmVille Full Moon Tree

FarmVille Giant Full Moon Tree

FarmVille Broken Mirror Tree

FarmVille Fang Tree

There are four new Limited Edition Trees which include the Full Moon Tree, Giant Full Moon Tree, Broken Mirror Tree, and Fan Tree. Each of these trees can be purchased directly using Farm Cash via the FarmVille Market. You can also “adopt” any of these from your tree-breeding FarmVille neighbors’ shares via the Facebook News Feed.

FarmVille Limited Edition Vampire & Warewolf Trees:

  • FarmVille Full Moon Tree – 8 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Giant Full Moon Tree – 14 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Broken Mirror Tree – 6 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Fang Tree – 12 Farm Cash

FarmVille Spooky Coffin Shop

There is one lone Limited Edition Vampire & Wereworlf building joining the market tonight which includes the Spooky Coffin Shop! Perfect for your favorite FarmVille vamp. It is a decorative building that does not serve a functional purpose and costs 15 Farm Cash.

FarmVille Limited Edition Vampire & Warewolf Building:

  • FarmVille Spooky Coffin Shop – 15 Farm Cash


FarmVille Liquid Silver

FarmVille Moon Pond

FarmVille Bat Eye

FarmVille Monster Bush

FarmVille Silver Bullet Fence

There are several new Limited Edition decorations added to the market tonight. The decorative items include a Liquid Silver Fountain, Moon Pond, Bat Eye, Monster Bush, and Silver Bullet Fence. The items are a mix of Farm Cash or Farm Coins.
FarmVille Limited Edition Vampire & Warewolf Decorations:

FarmVille Liquid Silver Fountain – 10 Farm Cash
FarmVille Moon Pond – 10 Farm Cash
FarmVille Bat Eye – 50,000 Farm Coins
FarmVille Monster Bush – 10,000 Farm Cash
FarmVille Silver Bullet Fence – 7,000 Farm Cash

FarmVille Vampress

FarmVille Black Sheep Costume

FarmVille Frankenstein Costume

FarmVille Vampire II Costume

FarmVille Skeleton Suit Costume

There are re-released costumes back in the FarmVille Market for your FarmVille farmer avatar to enjoy just in time for Halloween!

The costumes newly available are listed below and once purchased will be yours to keep forever.

FarmVille Limited Edition Vampire & Warewolf Clothes:

FarmVille Vampress (Re-release) – 10 Farm Cash
FarmVille Black Sheep Costume (Re-release) – 10 Farm Cash
FarmVille Frankenstein Costume (Re-release) – 5 Farm Cash
FarmVille Vampire II Costume (Re-release) – 5 Farm Cash
FarmVille Skeleton Costume (Re-release) – 2 Farm Cash





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