FarmVille Lucky Rainbow Arrives!

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The FarmVille Lucky Rainbow collection event kicked off today! Please note, this is on a slow rollout so if you haven’t received the update yet on your farm, hold tight as you soon will.

The Lucky Rainbow works as a basket to hold various items that you will collect, such as Shamrocks, Horseshoes, and Moons. Once you fill your Lucky Rainbow with these “Rainbow Charms”, you will be able to redeem them for special exclusive prizes that you can also share with your friends.

Once you receive the update on your farm, you will receive a pop-up asking you to place the Lucky Rainbow on your farm. If you don’t have enough space that’s ok, it will go into your FarmVille Gift Box until you are done clearing space. You can place the Lucky Rainbow on any of your farms as long as you have the room. I personally think it looks kind of nice in Hawaiian Paradise! Every paradise needs a rainbow.

Collecting Items for Lucky Rainbow

The three types of Lucky Charms that you place in your Lucky Rainbow are:

There are several ways to collect Lucky Charms to fill your Lucky Rainbow with, which are mentioned below.

1. Send and receive items via the FarmVille Gifting Page
2. Use “Ask For” button when “Looking Inside” your Lucky Rainbow
3. Find items for fre via the Facebook News Feed from neighbors’ shares
4. Purchase items directly using Farm Cash
As you fill your Lucky Rainbow with Lucky Charms, it will change physical appearance becoming larger and more grand with each completed stage. See examples of the stages in the image at the top of this post. The final stage is elaborate and snazzy, don’t you think?

Lucky Rainbow Prizes

There are three different Lucky Charms to collect, and each item is used to redeem different prizes. For example, you can use Shamrocks to redeem the Shamrock Tree or Fighting Irish Duck. Also, you will be able to redeem more prizes (which are currently locked) in just a few days.

1st Set of Lucky Rainbow Prizes: (Available February 28th 2012)

FarmVille Shamrock Tree – 30 Shamrocks (or 6 Farm Cash)
FarmVille Fighting Irish Duck – 80 Shamrocks (or 16 Farm Cash)





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