FarmVille Money Tree Information

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The FarmVille Money Tree is here!

Starting On January 27th, 2012, we temporarily removed the Money Tree from the Market. Please stay tuned as it will be available again soon.


Money Tree details:

– Costs 260 Farm Cash
– Harvest 10 Farm Cash a week for a year (You can double your money!)
– Harvests in 7 days
– Limit 1 Money Tree per farm
– This item is not a typical tree. It does not produce seedlings, cannot be placed in orchards, and cannot be instagrown. Additionally, there is no mastery for this tree and neighbors cannot harvest it.
– After a year, the Money tree becomes a decoration on your farm and cannot be harvested for Farm Cash.
– There are no refunds for purchases of the Money Tree



– Remember to harvest regularly!
– Make sure to place this item on the right farm because the Money Tree cannot be stored, gifted, deleted, or sold.






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