FarmVille More English Countryside Additions

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FarmVille and Zynga have added Limited Edition English Countryside items tonight! You can see below that the English Carriage, Garden Gazebo, Garden Picnic, Oast House, Tudor Cottage, Rose Iron Fence and Secluded Hideaway can now be found in the market. Take note that none of these items are locked to the English Countryside, meaning they can be purchased on either farm.

English Carriage Market Info Garden Gazebo Market Info

Garden Picnic Market Info Oast House Market Info

Tudor Cottage Market Info Rose Iron Fence Market Info

Secluded Hideaway Market Info




  1. I just wanted to get an update about the English Countryside Market options. When is there going to be an option to purchase single train track sections? In realize you can get train cars with tracks attached but would like to get tracks separately. Does anyone know anything about this issue? Thanks wvbearlvr

  2. I am still waiting to get into english farm and wonder why not sent me invite also when i go to publish i have to go back to home and back on games request in order to go any further and this has been two days now



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