FarmVille Rainbow Crop in FarmVille Market for Farm Coins!

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FarmVille Rainbow Crop
FarmVille Rainbow Bushel
FarmVille Rainbow Mastery Sign


In a sneak attack update, a new FarmVille Limited Edition Rainbow crop hit the FarmVille Market and for Farm Coins!

If you are having trouble locating the new seeds, try searching keyword “Rainbow” in your FarmVille Market and you should be able to find the Rainbow seeds.

The market icon for Rainbow seeds indicates that it is part of the “Cloud City” theme. The Limited Edition Rainbow is a one day crop that yields 3 XP and 150 Farm Coins when harvested. Seeds can be purchased for 10 Farm Coins per plot (plus plowing costs). You can purchase Rainbow seeds using Farm Coins during the next 27 days.  It does have Crop Mastery available as well.



FarmVille Limited Edition Rainbow Crop


Will you be growing the Rainbow crop on your farm?




  1. What do we do with the rainbows after we grow them? Do they just take up space in our bushel count or what??

  2. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS BUT I Have not received an invitation like the others have and I had already planted a whole farm of them before I heard of this because I love rainbows. So send me an offer like you have too others.



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