FarmVille Roaming Dinosaur Stage 2: Free Irritator Dinosaur!

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FarmVille Roaming Dinosaur Stage 2 Irritator


Hey, FarmVille Freaks! Stage 2 of the Roaming Dinosaur feature is now available! To learn more about this feature, you can reference our FarmVille Freak Guide by clicking here.

In Stage 2 of the Roaming Dinosaur pen you can “catch” a free Irritator Dinosaur when you entice it to stay on your FarmVille farm by completing a few required tasks. Hurry though, as you’ll have to gather the required materials within a special time frame of 4 days, 23 hours.

Remember, if you are having trouble locating this feature, just check on the outskirts of your FarmVille farm, where lost, lonely, and roaming adoptable animals usually appear. You can also click on the in-game Dinosaur icon located on the right side of your FarmVille game play area.

Roaming Dinosaur Stage 2




  • Paper Mache x 10 (Post Share to Facebook News Feed)
  • Paper Mache Paste x 10 ( Post Share to Facebook News Feed)
  • Dino Paint x 10 (Request friend help)

Reward: FarmVille Irritator Dinosaur
Time: 4 days, 23 hours


FarmVille Roaming Dinosaur Stage 2 Requirements





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