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While Enchanted Love decorations, animals, and buildings in FarmVille is one thing, you didn’t really think Zynga was going to let the real-world Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton slip by without a grand event, did you? Of course not! That has been made clear this evening, as the “Royal Wedding Party” event has officially launched, allowing you to ask your friends to join in the party and earn some neat prizes.

To start, you’ll see the pop-up above in your game when the Royal Wedding Party update has rolled around to your game. From there, you’ll receive the Wedding Tent item for free. This Wedding Tent can be thought of as a more sophisticated version of the Party Barn released during the game’s New Year’s celebration, in that it’s main purpose is to allow you a place to “store” your neighbors that come to your Royal Wedding Party.

Once you place the Wedding Tent, you’ll need to start inviting your friends to come to the party – after all, what’s a good wedding without tons of friends to share in the joyous occasion? From now until May 12 (when the “Royal Couple” arrives), you’ll be able to collect up to 32 different guests in your party, and will unlock four different items along the way.

The breakdown of prizes is as follows:

4 Guests – Lover’s Arch (a balloon archway)
8 Guests – Royal Crystal Tree (think the Wedding Tree but gold)
16 Guests – unlock the Majestic Roses crop in your market
32 Guests – Royal Steed

Note: the Majestic Roses take one full day to grow, and can be harvested for 145 coins per square. You’ll gain 3 XP for each square you plant. They look exactly like the English Roses, although they’re cream in color, rather than pink.

o add more friends to your party, you’ll need to click on the “Invite Friends” button at the bottom of the above pop-up (click on the Wedding Tent and click on “Go to Party” to see this window), and then send individual requests to those FarmVille neighbors that you think would be most likely to help you.

As your guests RSVP, their avatars will show up alongside the red carpet inside your Wedding Tent, so you’ll be able to keep track of exactly who has accepted and who hasn’t. Once you reach each prize limit, your prize will automatically be added to your Gift Box, or will be available in the market, in the case of the Majestic Roses crop. Again, after May 12, you won’t be able to add any more guests to your party, so your best bet is to add friends quickly, while this event is still at the top of their minds. After May 12, the Wedding Tent will also become “storable,” so you can reclaim that area on your farm after the event is finished.





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