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The holidays are coming to Winter Wonderland and so is Santa’s Sleigh! Build Santa’s Sleigh with parts from your friends. The bigger the Sleigh, the more gifts you can harvest. Don’t delay, start the fun today!

Note: You can have 1 Santa’s Sleigh on each Farm (Home, English Countryside, Lighthouse Cove, and Winter Wonderland).

Santa’s Sleigh Stage 1Santa’s Sleigh Stage 2Santa’s Sleigh Stage 3Santa’s Sleigh Stage 4Santa’s Sleigh Stage 5Santa’s Sleigh Stage 6

Santa’s Sleigh Notice

Once placed on your Farm, you will have the following six options:

  • Look Inside – View your progress
  • Ask for Parts – Send requests for Gifts to any friend once every four hours
  • Complete Now – Use Farm Cash to complete Santa’s Sleigh
  • Move – Rearrange Santa’s Sleigh on your farm
  • Sell – Option to sell your Santa’s Sleigh

There are three ways of obtaining Gifts:

  • Ask for More – Send requests for Gifts to any friend once every four hours
  • Send Gifts – Send Gifts to your Friends from the Free Gifts Tab
  • Buy – Buy Gifts directly from the Market

Note, You can harvest Santa’s Sleigh for Gifts and share Materials with your friends!

Santa’s Sleigh Parts





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