FarmVille Scam: Beware of the 25 Free Farm Cash

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We have seen in the past that Zynga compensates us for problems with the game, but that is a rare occasion.  This new scam claims Zynga is sorry for all the recent loading errors and wants to offer 25 Free Farm Cash as compensation. The letter on the scam page even looks legit, but it’s not!

Please note that this is a scam. This is NOT an Official Zynga FarmVille promotion!
Please do not click on the notice on your Facebook news feed. If you happen to, we suggest you update your Facebook password for your protection, and run a virus scan on your computer.


We want to help you protect your FarmVille friends and neighbors, so please share this with them.





  1. I lost 10 dollars by clicking on the arrow on my person. Than it showed a wedding dress and I click off of it and got charged 10 of my cash dollars. I contacted them and they didn’t do anything.

    • I did the same thing ; I even pressed cancel and it still charged me 🙁 i did not tell them though.



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