FarmVille Serene Garden “Coming Soon”

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Another FarmVille Countdown is in the works! The Serene Garden Countdown will be “coming soon” to FarmVille with 12 days of daily prizes, plus an exclusive bonus prize when you collect each of the Daily prizes.

This will work similar to other previous FarmVille Countdowns where you will request a certain number of items by posting a Facebook News Feed request. When you collect the required items, you will receive the Daily Prize. We will be sure to let you know when this Countdown rolls out. In the meantime check out the prize spoilers below!

FarmVille Serene Garden Prizes:

FarmVille Garden Steed
FarmVille Lotus Tortoise
FarmVille Kimono Dragon
FarmVille Orchid Bunny
FarmVille Kimono Cat
FarmVille Japanese Fern Tree
FarmVille Possumhaw Holly Tree
FarmVille Grenada Pomegranate Tree
FarmVille Ladybug Bush
FarmVille Lattice Lantern
FarmVille Dragon Topiary
FarmVille Garden Ball
FarmVille Butterfly House





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