FarmVille The Perennial Mystery: Solved

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As you know, We have recently posted details about the County Fair and the animals associated with them. Here we are going to tell you about the special ability of the Perennial category animals in that contest.

Bonus XP


First, lets identify which are the Perennial animals.. The below are the Perennial animals in their respectivecategories:

Perennial Horses Perennial Cows Perennial Chickens Perennial Sheeps Perennial Pigs

These animals have a special ability. They have bonus zones around them, somewhat similar to Groves, but these don’t give extra mastery bonus, but instead give XP bonus on each harvest. Animals that are harvested within the bonus zones get a bonus of 5XP per harvest.

Whenever you move a Perennial animal, you will see all other animals light up, which means that they are eligible to get Bonus XP if placed in the Blue bonus area of the animal. The Bonus area does not work in the animal Pens.


If you see the below screenshot carefully, you will see that a Perennial Cow has been placed in the center such that its bonus area covers all the animals around it.

Now, when you check any of the animals in the bonus zone, you will see the bonus popup as below.

One thing that you need to remember is that you will not get the XP bonus on the first harvest of the animals that are in the bonus zones. It only starts from the next harvest. Also, if you move the Perennial animal anytime, then you will need to again wait till one harvest to get the bonus XP.

If you see the above screenshot, you will see that harvesting an animal in the bonus zone gave me 10XP, which is actually 5XP x 2 as I have a double XP statue active. If you don’t have the statue bonus, you will only get 5XP bonus per harvest, per animal.

Another important point is that the bonus areas work the same way as the groves. If an animal is in bonus zones of 2 Perennial animals, it will get double the XP bonus, and so on. The Chinese Alligator in the below picture is placed in 2 bonus zones, and hence the 10XP bonus popup. As the popup is kinda bigger than required, it is very annoying and something Zynga needs to take care of soon.

Well, that is all we have to say about this bonus feature. Its hard to replicate the Perennial Cow and Horse without paying FC, but you can sure try to breed more of the Perennial Chicken, Sheep and Pigs in pens and use them strategically to get the extra XP benefit.





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