FarmVille Tips: Share 2 Danomire Dragons for FREE!

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FarmVille Free Danomire Dragon Notice


Free Dragons!

For a limited amount of time you can share 2 Danomire Dragons with your friends for free!

To access the offer look on your in-game left side bar, where the quest icons appear. Simply click on the image of the Danomire Dragon to get started. You will be prompted to post a share to your Facebook News Feed to share two Danomire Dragons with your friends. Whenever your friends click on your share, you will also receive a free Danomire Dragon for yourself! 2 for the friend that clicks and one for yourself.

Happy sharing! Remember, to be a good neighbor and click on some feeds. Help a friend, help yourself!


FarmVille Free Danomire Dragon Share Claimed

Will you be sharing Danomire Dragons with your farmin’ friends?





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