FarmVille Unicorn Island Guide!

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Unicorn Island Guide!

Hey Farmers!


Love unicorns? Want to give them their own magical home on your farm? Then check out the Unicorn Island buildable! This feature will allow you to construct your own magic floating island on your farm where your unicorns and pegasi can live! This feature works a lot like Dino Lab—the more animals you keep on your island, the wider variety of gems you can harvest, and the more rare unicorns and pegasi you can make!

When you open your farm, you should see a message giving you the option to place Unicorn Island.

Once you place your Unicorn Island, you have these options:

  • Look Inside: Look inside your Unicorn Island to see your progress and which parts you need
  • Ask for Parts: Ask your friends to send you the parts needed to complete your Island
  • Complete Now: Pay Farm Cash to complete a stage of your Unicorn Island
  • Move: Move your Island
  • Sell: Option to sell your Island


Look Inside:

When you look inside your Island, you will see the parts that you need to complete it:

  • Enchanted Blossom (10 needed, purchase for 1 FC each)
  • Rainbow Clover (10 needed, purchase for 1 FC each)
  • Heart of Gold (10 needed, purchase for 1 FC each)

To get these items, send requests directly to your friends. You can also send and receive all three of these items as free gifts.

Using Unicorn Island:

Once you complete your Unicorn Island, you can place up to 20 Unicorns on it.

Just like with any other animal pen, harvest your Unicorn Island to master the unicorns inside and collect gems, which you can use in your Unicorn Lab!

Using Your Unicorn Lab:

Unicorn Island also comes with a Lab feature where you can gather gems to unlock new mystery unicorns and pegacorns! Gather the gems in the following ways:

  • Harvest your Unicorn Island for gems
  • Click on links in friends’ feeds who are sharing gems
  • Pay Farm Cash for the gems that you need to unlock and make a unicorn.

Once you have enough gems to create a unicorn, click on “Make It” in your lab. Making a unicorn for the first time unlocks that type of unicorn so you can make it again.

When you finish making a unicorn, you will get some more gems, and have the option to share some with your friends. You can place your newly-created unicorn in your Unicorn Island. You can find it in your gift box.

Harvesting Your Unicorns For Gems:

The unicorns you make on Unicorn Island each harvest for a different type of gem. The more unicorns you have in your Island, the more varieties of gems that you will collect when you harvest! Mousing over the types of unicorns in your Lab tells you which kind of gem that particular unicorn will harvest for:

Unicorns in the Lab:

Pink Lemonade Unicorn
Requires: 10 Purple Amethyst (purchase for 20 FC)
Harvest: Purple Amethyst

Moon Unicorn
Requires: 12 Purple Amethyst (purchase for 24 FC)
Harvest: White Diamond

Supernova Unicorn
Requires: 6 Purple Amethyst, 8 White Diamond (purchase for 28 FC)
Harvest: Purple Amethyst

Moss Unicorn
Requires: 12 Purple Amethyst, 4 White Diamond (purchase for 32 FC)
Harvest: Green Emerald

Wind Pegacorn
Requires: 9 Purple Amethyst, 5 White Diamond, 4 Green Emerald (purchase for 40 FC)
Harvest: White Diamond

Dragon Pegacorn
Requires: 5 Purple Amethyst, 11 White Diamond, 6 Green Emerald (purchase for 50 FC)
Harvest: Red Ruby

Princess Unicorn
Requires: 8 Purple Amethyst, 9 White Diamond, 10 Green Emerald (purchase for 64 FC)
Harvest: Green Emerald

Star Light Unicorn
Requires: 12 Purple Amethyst, 9 White Diamond, 10 Green Emerald, 4 Red Ruby (purchase for 84 FC)
Harvest: White Diamond

Icy Fire Pegacorn
Requires: 10 Purple Amethyst, 12 White Diamond, 11 Green Emerald, 10 Red Ruby (purchase for 107 FC)
Harvest: Green Emerald

Angel Pegacorn
Requires: 11 Purple Amethyst, 10 White Diamond, 19 Green Emerald, 14 Red Ruby (purchase for 141 FC)
Harvest: Blue Sapphire

Tiara Unicorn
Requires: 10 Purple Amethyst, 16 White Diamond, 17 Green Emerald, 22 Red Ruby (purchase for 169 FC)
Harvest: Red Ruby

Fancy Pants Unicorn
Requires: 15 Purple Amethyst, 20 White Diamond, 18 Green Emerald, 16 Red Ruby, 10 Blue Sapphire (purchase for 202 FC)
Harvest: Purple Amethyst

Lightning Pegacorn
Requires: 22 Purple Amethyst, 15 White Diamond, 23 Green Emerald, 18 Red Ruby. 20 Blue Sapphire (purchase for 257 FC)
Harvest: Red Ruby

Robot Unicorn
Requires: 20 Purple Amethyst, 23 White Diamond, 20 Green Emerald, 33 Red Ruby, 26 Blue Sapphire (purchase for 323 FC)
Harvest: Blue Sapphire

Phoenix Pegacorn
Requires: 40 Purple Amethyst, 37 White Diamond, 29 Green Emerald, 23 Red Ruby, 30 Blue Sapphire (purchase for 400 FC)
Harvest: Blue Sapphire




  1. I love this one, Maybe better than the Dino lab. We need more of this and less of the Quest….. It is hard to get help on these Quest, I work 5 days a week and can’t or don’t have time to run the wall posts down… ; ) I love Farmville.



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