FarmVille Unreleased Themes Survey: UFO, Astrology, Gem Collection, Italy, Wonders of the World & Father’s Day

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A recent FarmVille Survey is asking farmers which possible FarmVille theme they like the best and now you can get a sneak peek of the themes below!

Be sure to take our FarmVille Freak Poll and vote on your favorite theme.

FarmVille UFO Theme – Decorate your farm as outer space farm.

FarmVille Astrology Theme – Decorate your farm with Zodiac animals, and Stars as decoration items.

FarmVille Gem Collection Theme – Decorate your farm with beautiful gems, it is magical and sparkling.

FarmVille Italy Theme – decorate your farm as you are farming in Tuscany, Florence and Rome.

FarmVille Wonders of the World Theme – Decorate your farm with Wonders of the world.

FarmVille Father’s Day Theme -Decorate your farm with Father’s Day items.

FarmVille Summer Theme – Decorate your farm with Summer Fun items.





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